kids rooms.

a healthy wooden floor for the little ones

Concerns such as residential toxins should be a major consideration, especially when choosing materials for a child’s room.

Over the years, both painted surfaces and the adhesive layers between the wooden slats can emit countless worrisome additives that are released into the surrounding environment.

Therefore, it is not only essential to choose naturally oiled surfaces for the floor, but also to carefully consider the adhesive material that holds the multi-layer boards together.

100% naturalness for the nursery

100% naturalness without compromise. mafi natural wood floors do not contain any unnatural or chemical substances. 

Each mafi floor consists of only three components:

1. wood from sustainable forestry

2. natural linseed-based oil for finishing the wear layer.

3. white glue consisting of organic substances, such as lime and vinegar. 

The result: a 100% natural and healthy natural wood floor.

And this has been the case for over 40 years – because that is how long mafi has been considered a pioneer in the manufacture of eco-friendly and natural parquet.mafi floors in three words: Healthy. Stable. Genuine.

certified mafi parquet as the basis for a healthy living environment at home

mafi is the only wood flooring manufacturer in the world to meet the extremely strict guidelines of the Living Product Challenge – one of the world’s most rigorous certification programs ever. For this certification, criteria such as living health, 100% naturalness, as well as the sustainability of the entire production chain are closely scrutinized.

The independent National Asthma Council in Australia has also recognized the health-promoting added value of mafi natural wood flooring and awarded it the “Sensitive Choice” certificate, thus endorsing mafi flooring even for asthma sufferers.


healthy indoor climate thanks to natural wood

The surface of mafi parquet is not only impressive in terms of its natural, elegant appearance, but also demonstrably improves one’s quality of life.

The finishing of wooden boards with linseed-based oil conditions the wood deep into every fiber and makes them resistant to stains and any damage – therefore, the perfect basis for a rowdy play area.

However, oiling not only leaves a beautiful appearance without leaving an unpleasant oil film, but above all leaves the wood open-pored. And it is precisely this open porosity that contributes to many positive effects on the living environment