species & size.

13 timber species

Mafi proudly boasts a range of 13 timber species, each complying with FSC environmental standards. These include Cherry, Oak, Pine, Spruce, Larch, Maple, Pear, Walnut, Ash, Swiss Stone Pine, Acacia and Beech.

 Within each species, Mafi carefully hand-picks each plank of wood to provide you with three surface options: clear, character and country.

Clear is free from knotting and has a simple grain. Character features minimal knotting for an added dimension. Country embraces the natural features of wood, creating striking, unique planks of wood.

mafi beech planks with a special look


Beech planks generally have a continuously calm appearance, as they have hardly any knots and a very even grain. Due to their extremely fine porosity, they are the perfect starting material for the mafi Fresco and Carving collections. Despite the fact that these surfaces are engraved or milled to incorporate different structures or patterns into the plank, they remain pleasant on the bare foot, completely without rough spots.


ash floorboard oiled is the future

Ash is like oak in every way in terms of resilience and endurance. Used mostly in furniture making, ash is also known as a material for baseball bats – so much on the subject of hardness.

The wood is characterized by a clear grain, which underscores the natural character of the material. Depending on the brushing, the growth rings may come out sharper or fainter.

Especially with bare feet, you learn to appreciate a real natural wood floor. The look is particularly impressive with the small number of knots, which gives floorboards an elegant, modern appearance. Depending on the sort, ash comes with the core or far more homogeneous, as white ash.