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home renovation

perserving the old


Preserving the old and conserving existing resources is a way of thinking that’s becoming increasingly important, especially nowadays, but it’s a principle that mafi has embraced for generations. The topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important to everyone. Existing properties are increasingly being renovated, recycled, if you like, with high-quality building materials in order to optimize the use of existing structures and resources. But, no doubt, there are flooring and other challenges in older buildings.

Often, the existing floors lack the installation height needed to lay modern, high-end wood flooring. So what’s the solution if you don’t want to forego high-quality wood floors when modernizing your space? What solutions have been developed to help with such renovations? And what exactly sets mafi’s thin renovation planks apart from the competition?

Thanks to the symmetrical construction of their materials, mafi’s thin planks are ideal for renovating old buildings which allow for only a low installation height. The multi-layer engineered structure ensures the highest quality even with a total thickness of just 10 mm, all based on the principles of ecological sustainability. The top and back layers are made of the same material and ensure optimum stability thanks to this symmetry.

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renovation vs modernization

what’s the difference?


In most cases, these two terms are confused with one another or used synonymously. Let’s dig a little deeper.

What are the differences between renovating and modernizing, however subtle they may be?

Renovations are carried out to eliminate minor or major visual defects. The quality of living is increased on the basis of any cosmetic repairs. Renewing a floor covering is therefore renovation work which will also make the living space more comfortable.

Modernization, meanwhile, involves bringing the systems in existing properties up to the latest standards. Modernization is a term used in German rental law, which allows landlords to take measures to reduce energy costs and generally upgrade the property. Modernizations are all construction measures that enhance the living value of the residential property. Their sustainability is increased and resources are saved. The installation of underfloor heating, for example, falls under modernization measures, since it involves an improvement to a building system.

mafi thin plank wood flooring is suitable for laying on underfloor heating and the unadulterated wooden surface always radiates a warm feeling.

the mafi thin plank flooring for your renovation

only 1 cm thick and yet of the highest quality

Not too long ago, it was not uncommon for renovations to use short and narrow planks with a low installation height. Thanks to mafi’s symmetrical three-layer plank structure, lengths up to 2400 mm and widths up to 185 mm can now be used successfully. The stable symmetrical structure of the material, consisting of a top and a back layer in the same wood that is given the same thermal treatment, ensures high stability despite the low height. A coniferous wood is used for the middle layer of the plank; its softness is ideally suited as a flexible middle layer.

Wear layer: approx. 3 mm oak

Middle layer: approx. 5.2 mm softwood

Back layer: approx. 1.8 mm oak

The wide range of different surface options work with any furnishing style, classic, rustic, or modern. The high-quality renovation planks are available in all variations.

Oiled surface: another important reason for choosing mafi thin planks is the oil treatment of the surface. Thanks to mafi’s ecological commitments, only natural linseed-based oil is used to finish the planks. The natural oils do not seal the wood, but instead it remains breathable and unadulterated, while still being resistant and easy to clean. The product itself consists only of wood, glue, and natural oils, all 100% free of harmful substances and with a positive effect on your space and the people you share it with.

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