end grain timber.

the whole is greater than the sum of its parts


This proverb describes the end grain parquet perfectly. Consisting of many different end grain blocks, a solid wood floor is created, which is incredibly resilient. The natural and unique color gradient makes infinite combination possibilities possible when it comes to furnishings. Whether it’s hard-wearing rooms, wall and ceiling panelling or stairs clad with the unique end grain parquet, the sum of the individual wooden pieces creates a lively and unique surface. The tree rings of the wood become a special optical highlight in every room. Discover the endless combination possibilities of the end grain floor and learn about the product options featured in the mafi Domino collection.

areas of application for end grain parquet


The high-quality and hard-wearing end grain floor is often used in rooms that are subject to higher traffic. Workshops, restaurants or company entrances, for example, rely on the high-quality flooring. Front-end wood parquet is gaining more and more attention in private rooms. The aesthetic and robust floor covering masters the balancing act between the load-bearing capacity for an industrial facility and an exclusive living area with an urban style.

The current trend to create expressive floors as a decisive design element in interior design speaks for the end grain wood look. The historically developed style, which was originally to be found in craft shops, has been reinterpreted by mafi and makes an infinite number of possible combinations in interior furnishings possible. The end grain parquet is suitable for underfloor heating, provided that it is fully glued to the substrate.

reducing the mix of materials – walls or stairs to match the floor


Modern, high-quality furnishing concepts are clearly moving in the direction of wall cladding made of wood. Wall cladding with a cross-grained floor becomes even more of an extraordinary eye-catcher. The wood is used as an identity-creating material on the wall and provides that certain something in every room. The mix of materials underscores the design concept. The uniform appearance as well as the harmonious look are good reasons to choose a wall covering from the mafi Domino collection.

Using end grain to clad stairs brings aesthetic and tasteful properties along with it. With the help of the mafi Domino collection, stairs become stylish and exclusive furnishing elements. A reduced abundance of varying textures provides for a perfect interior design, which is harmonious in its own right