bendable planks – flex.

mafi flex: curved natural wooden boards


Our designs are always based on nature. Like so much already, the idea for this new way of furnishing was done by following a simple guiding principle: returning to the origin.

Tree trunks are round. It is only through processing by humans that straight wooden floorboards that we all know are made. So why not give back wood, as a natural material, part of its natural shape?

This is how the idea for mafi Flex came about, which makes it possible to create room concepts that seem to originate from a single source.

With the mafi Flex processing technology, tension is removed from the wood and prepared for bending via the symmetrical reserve. The result is an extremely flexible board that can adapt perfectly to any organic shape. This makes it possible not only to install boards on straight surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings, but also on columns or other curved interior furnishings.

limitless design

the decoupling of floor and horizontal plane

A floor without transitions. The new FLEX processing technology enables us to bend boards so far that we can achieve radii of up to 360°. This can be used to create a continuous symbiosis between floors and furniture or wall cladding.

What’s especially innovative is the way that floors are freed from the horizontal plane, opening up new areas of application without imposing a transitional separation from the floor itself.

This means that the boards can run up from the floor without any interruption and be used as tabletops, kitchen counters, or wall covering.

This Flex technology can be applied to mafi’s entire portfolio, creating a fascinating extra to our existing product line. The customer and/or designer can choose a product as they usually do, but can now apply it to their furniture, walls, or even ceilings.

mafi Flex for modern room concepts as if from a single source


In today’s modern architecture, we find a strong reduction in materials.
The focus is on a few, but high-quality materials that can fully show their effect in rooms. In private as well as in business premises, there are therefore attempts to create a harmonious combination of floors, walls and interior furnishings by using the same surface materials for these areas.

The types of application are diverse. This can be a continuous surface from the floor that extends onto the kitchen counter or wall coverings in curved shapes. The Flex technology can be applied to the entire portfolio of mafi’s natural wooden floors.