high demand is not a problem

Commercial areas represent the supreme discipline of robustness in the flooring industry. Restaurants with several hundred guests each day or the Grand Hotel lobby with rolling suitcases and road grime place high demands on the floor. 
We recommend hard wood species such as Oak for use in commercial areas. It is particularly important in this context to not use sealed surfaces. 
Lacquered, waxed or UV-oil hardened surfaces put a thin film of sealer on the surface. Sealed floors reduce the actual usable layer of the wood floor to the seal itself. Thus, the usable layer consists only of a few tenths of mm, with the wood thereunder no longer usable and this, if damaged, must be sanded or extensively renovated. 

repair natural wood floors on the spot

mafi natural wood floors can be repaired locally. 
Only the affected area must be re-worked with wood floor soap or wood floor oil and can then be exposed again quickly to the everyday. 
Such rapid solutions are crucial during operation with the customers.