what should I be aware of when choosing a wood floor for a restaurant?

This and many other questions are submitted to us regularly around the topic of gastronomy. In this article, we outline the main challenges for parquet in restaurants, as well as the relevant recommendations.
Food is a constant companion for a restaurant floor. Unfortunately, it does not always stay on the plates as planned. Misadventures, toddlers and simply the daily life in the catering industry mean stress for the floor. In addition, there are the chair legs that quickly cause scratches or at least signs of wear. And round this off with the presumed stress combination of floor and restaurant due to the high demands of customers’ shoes in all weathers.

In order to be able to counteract these accumulated problems, a wood floor must have certain characteristics. The choice of wood type already plays a crucial role. Hard woods are more resistant to signs of wear, whereas soft woods get scratches or dents more easily.

cleaning of the floors must also be quick and easy

Mafi parquet is cleaned only with warm water and the matching wood floor soap. Thus, the floor is both cleaned and maintained. The high fat content of the soap builds a protective layer over time, which makes the floor less sensitive. A quick refresh of the floor is possible at any time and very quickly using the mafi care oil balm. Any repairs can be carried out locally on the affected area, without having to re-work the entire surface. mafi natural wood floors are thus perfectly suited to the long business hours and short time windows within gastronomy.