parquet for a healthy workplace

Public traffic in wind and weather, constant chair back in the conference room or rolling back and forth of office chairs and containers: Would you use fine wood flooring under such conditions? Of course you would! Quality and surface decide!

Wherever people work, things fall to the ground, and whereever things are getting done, mafi parquet really proves what it can do. mafi natural wood floors are perfect for offices, medical practices and other working environments. Here they score points not only for their durability and ease of handling, but also for their contribution to a healthy indoor climate and a creative working atmosphere.

As a pioneer for ecological and healthy wooden floors, it is important to us at mafi to “prepare the  ground” for a healthy workspace with our parquet flooring.

healthy indoor climate and the best working atmosphere with parquet

We spend 90% of every day in closed rooms. We spend a large part of our waking time at work, e.g. in the office, where concentration is required. The last thing anyone needs in that space is dry “thick air”, electrosmog and whirling dust. These sorts of burdens are no longer an issue thanks to mafi’s naturally oiled parquet flooring. Regularly cleaned simply with warm water and mafi wood floor soap, mafi parquet develops its positive effect on a healthy room climate perfectly

The oiled, open-pore wood absorbs moisture optimally and gradually releases it back into the air. In doing so, mafi parquet even “filters” dirt from the air we breathe, which is particularly beneficial for asthmatics and allergy sufferers. In addition, mafi natural wood floors are 100% pollutant-free and are made from sustainably sourced wood without solvents.

In office rooms full of computers and smartphones, our wooden floors also have an antistatic effect – they reduce the tension in the room. Oiled wooden floors counteract static build-up, whereas lacquered surfaces tend to augment them. The familiar and warm natural material wood not only creates a stress-free workplace, but also very practical.

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a well maintained variety of parquet designs

The easy cleaning and maintenance of parquet is also practical. With the oiled mafi parquet, this is done very simply in one step with warm water and the appropriate mafi wood floor soap. Since it is particularly oily, it functions like oil on the floor with every application. Thus, like a good employee, mafi parquet just gets better and better over time.

Last but not least, it’s the large variety of designs that makes mafi parquet the first choice for office decorators, shop oufitters and owners. Our extensive range of sustainable natural wood floors made of oak, maple, stone pine, spruce and much more offer the right color and design for every furnishing style. Come and be inspired!