no wastage

At Mafi, the entire philosophy is based on ensuring the most ecological use of this renewable, raw material, wood. This is reflected in all areas of the organisation from material procurement to production processes and maintenance.

Mafi sources its timber from carefully managed forests in Central Europe, and are fully sustainable.  At Mafi there is a strong culture on ensuring we get the most out of every single tree.  This efficiency has not only driven a better use of resource, it has driven innovation in product development.

Mafi provides timber floors in a range of clarities, widths and lengths, promoting the natural beauty of different cuts of timber within the one tree.  To achieve the darker colours in the Mafi range, timber boards are baked using only heat, wind, water and time.  This technique made Mafi the first in its industry to develop a real alternative to tropical timbers.

To ensure wastage is kept to a minimum, offcuts and sawdust are recycled and made into pellets that are used to heat and power the Mafi factory.  Any extra are sold to surrounding businesses.

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The Facts:

  • Finishing with natural oils
  • Bonding of the three solid wood layers with white glue
  • Time factor as a quality criteria

The advantages:

  • Formaldehyde-free
  • no VOCs
  • ideal for allergy sufferers and asthmatics
  • optimum hygiene


mafi floors are formaldehyde-free and have no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This is mainly attributable to the chemical-free finishing with natural oils and the composition of the wood glue for bonding the 3 solid wood layers.