parquet- the best floor covering for hotels


Parquet in a hotel impresses guests, whether in the hotel rooms and hotel bathrooms, in the lobby or in the hotel restaurant. Those who have wooden floors at home will feel confirmed in their taste and in the choice of hotel.

Other guests who have not yet indulged in the comfort of parquet at home will experience the wooden floor as an upgrade. And that’s what makes up a sophisticated hotel: guests should feel as good as they do at home – even better.

Hotels can provide their guests with a particularly warm welcome thanks to oiled mafi natural wood floors!

oiled parquet for special hotel requirements

When choosing the flooring, hotel owners, planners and interior designers have to balance demands and everyday use.

Both aesthetic and practical considerations underscore the use of parquet flooring in hotel rooms and hotel rooms. The benefits of oiled parquet in terms of atmosphere, health and comfort far surpass what floor coverings such as carpets, tiles or laminate have to offer.

What will surprise some: Even the cleaning and care of parquet is very easy, even in everyday hotel life, as long as it is high-quality, oiled parquet, as is the case with mafi natural wood floors.

simply clean wooden hotel floors

The cleaning or repair of parquet, for instance in the hotel lobby, should not disturb the 24-hour operation of a hotel. This is where mafi parquet comes in and offers simple solutions. Cleaning and maintenance of the wooden floor are combined in one operation.

Warm water and the right mafi wood floor soap are sufficient to set up the floor well for daily use. The mafi care oil balm can also be used to freshen up particularly stressed areas on the parquet.

Repairs can be carried out easily and locally due to the open-pored and non-layer-forming surface – a particular advantage of oiled mafi wooden floors compared to varnished parquet! Minor damage to the parquet will even disappear by itself with liquid care. Thus, mafi parquet is not only timeless, but also extremely durable.