exclusive stairs wood cover

more than just a connection between two floors

Families and companies are increasingly choosing to spread out their space over two or more stories. One reason for this push to make use of vertical space is the world’s shortage of available land. Also attractive are the stylish, complete looks that offer a multitude of customization options where a beautiful wood staircase can be quite the statement piece.

Modern stairs are more than just a connection between two floors. The ease with which wood can be combined with other materials leads to high-end design concepts. But what types of stair systems are there and what are the benefits of each?

Cantilevered stairs seem to defy gravity to convey a sense of lightness in the room and make it look particularly spacious. For a playful staircase or nested rooms, a space-saving staircase is ideal, but a small space doesn’t mean stylish innovation is out of the question. Spiral staircases made of wood are particularly elegant. These combine utility and aesthetics in everything from classic styles to extravagant designs. The timeless classic, of course, is a stair with stringers, where each stringer element on the side links the load-bearing steps.

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use the same wood for the flooring and stairs

why separate what belongs together?

In order to give your chosen  room design  the opportunity to develop to its full effect, only use a few different textures and colors. A wood staircase combined with woods floors make for a special statement. Using the same material for both stairs and floor ensures perfect room design and is one of those details that can make a project something very special indeed.

mafi natural wood floors are experts in producing coordinated wooden floors and stairs. Each staircase is made to measure and can be adapted as required. Stylish details, such as shadow gaps or coordinated edges on the sides, complete the precise, detailed processing that goes into each of our staircases.

The mafi stair solutions

All Mafi Stairs are custom made to order to complement your Mafi flooring. The choice of height or tread thickness depends on the requirements on-site and the type of construction project. Usually, a tread is 40mm / 70mm. This is mostly used for floating and counter-can levered stairs. Alternatively, mafi can offer 16 mm or 19 mm tread for use renovations or modernizations. The treads can even be laid atop existing stairs.

Profile A:

The Solid“ 40 MM THICK TREAD

A tread with a thickness of 40mm / 70mm and an initial dimension of 1200 x 300 mm is suitable for most projects that allow for such a solid structure.

Profile B:

 The Versatile“ 16 or 19 MM THICK TREAD

In order for our steps to be installed in tighter spaces, mafi offers variations with 16 or 19 mm thickness.

Profile D:


This profile consists of a tread and riser to completely cover the stairs. It is delivered disassembled and must be fitted on site. This variant is suitable for all stairs that allow such a solid structure.

Profile E:


This variant of the mafi stair profiles offers a solution where existing conditions require low installation heights; these stairs will nevertheless have a massive effect. The thickness is either 16 or 19 mm.

Profile F:


Profile F is particularly suitable for renovations where an existing staircase is to be recovered or for new buildings where only low installation heights are possible.