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minimise future downtime & costs

Mafi has created a unique process that makes cleaning and maintaining the beauty of your Mafi flooring as simple and easy as possible, all you need is Mafi Oil Soap, a bucket of warm water and a cotton mop!

Mafi’s unique care process uses only all-natural Oil Soaps which work to not only restore the original surface, but also strengthens and makes the surface more resistant to any potential damage. Mafi timber never requires sanding, minimising down time and costs in the future.

Mafi Oil Soaps are made from 100% natural products. The Oil Soaps are designed not to block the pores of the wooden surface, and as such the timber can continue to breathe and function as a natural product.

maintaining hardwood floors

Those who choose parquet want the best. This also includes the best care. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the mafi range for the perfect cleaning and care of oiled wood floors. We will show you how to clean and maintain your parquet floor with a simple routine so that you can enjoy the beauty of your wood floor for a lifetime.

You will also find useful tips on troubleshooting here: What to do if there are stains or scratches in the parquet? We have created easy-to-understand videos for you. You can expect a lot of valuable knowledge for owners, planners and cleaning staff, both for parquet professionals and newcomers!

The first useful tip is: Save this page and that way you can always find it again if necessary!

The subtle difference between oiled and lacquered parquet

More natural, warmer, easier to maintain: Oiled parquet has great advantages over varnish-sealed floors.

mafi natural wood floors are exclusively oiled, pollutant-free that is air-dried (oxidative). With this process, the applied oil penetrates deep into the wood without closing the pores. In contrast, there is varnished parquet, in which the wood is sealed by the varnish layer.

Parquet flooring with an air-dried oil surface offers decisive advantages: You have direct, pleasant and warm contact with the wooden surface instead of with a lacquer layer. Oiled parquet has a better influence on a positive indoor climate because it makes a valuable contribution to moisture exchange. Not least when it comes to maintenance, the oiled parquet is a step ahead of the lacquered one. Too much moisture for example when wiping can be a problem for varnished parquet. If moisture gets under the seal, this can lead to ugly stains or warped planks.

The oiled mafi natural wood floors, on the other hand, are easier to care for and have a longer service life because they are made more and more resistant by cleaning with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. Dirt and stains can be easily washed out of this open-pore surface. Another plus: with oiled parquet, repairs can be carried out directly and easily on the affected area without having to treat the entire surface.

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