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High-Quality, Sustainable Timber Floors in Sydney

We provide sustainable, ethically-sourced timber floors in Sydney, and for us to do so, we have to meet specific criteria to maintain certification. We align ourselves with companies who share our passion for sustainability, and organic and ethically sourced timber. We have a few credentials from different bodies, including the Health Product Declaration. They evaluate our product based on the sustainability level we have chosen and then inspect the ingredients of our products and the toxicity levels found in them.

To ensure that our entire manufacturing process follows environmental sustainability practices, we are certified by the Environmental Product Declaration, which means that they analysed our entire production line. Our products are all Net Carbon Negative.

What You Need to Know About Sydney Mafi Flooring

As Aussie resellers, we believe in the Mafi brand and the difference it’s making to our planet’s future with every sustainable, healthy building and mindful material choice offered. Through association with specific programmes and ethically-sourced certification and approval, Mafi invests in the future and your health, with green, sustainable building materials.

  • Easy navigation. In upholding our promise to deliver eco-friendly products, we take it further, by giving you all the information you need regarding what makes us the green choice and how you will support your health and that of the planet by installing our timber. We have a floor finder section that will make it easy to understand the different timber options and their application. You first choose which room you wish to renovate, and we will then suggest the appropriate options from our vast range of oak flooring. The Tiger Oak is one of our unique, creative options that can be the final touch of creativity that your room lacks.
  • Endless options. We wouldn’t go through the trouble of obtaining certification from more than ten green building and sustainability associations if we were only to bring you a few products. We offer light, medium and dark timber in a variety of domino, herring and smooth finishes. Our carved timber is our more creative range with paisley design and the unique kids’ carving design, perfect for a playroom. Elegant, fun or eccentric, you will find what you are looking for in our range of Sydney timber floors.
  • Complete solution. If you are ready to turn your home into a sustainable hub of green products, we can also offer you furniture and specific stair options as part of our comprehensive green building offering. No matter which options you choose, you will only receive natural, certified products – from our all-natural water, lime and plant acid glue to our natural oil finish – all products and timber are free from formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

You may not yet fully understand the impact humans have on the environment, and how we can reverse it through better, green choices, and making adjustments in everything we do. Knowing that you’re walking on ethically sourced timber that meets stringent green criteria, will make you feel and live a more conscientious life. You can contribute to the planet and your health by even installing wooden bathroom floors in Sydney.

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding European Oak Flooring in Sydney

We have looked at the benefits of Mafi timber flooring for the environment and the future of our planet, now let us discuss what health and other advantages it holds for you to choose our timber for your bathroom floors in Sydney.

  • Process moisture. When you think about revamping your bathroom, European timber floors in Sydney is not the first thing that comes to mind, because we all believe that wood and water are not the best of friends. Mafi changed all that with our timber that can process moisture, ensuring that no warping or cupping occurs and that you don’t slip. Because the wood regulates humidity, it also means that it filters any odours and is antibacterial. The secret is that our timber has a subfloor, a waterproof layer, and then the three-layer board on top.
  • Green building. Working in an environment with stuffy, mouldy carpets is not only bad for your health, but it can slowly poison you due to bad air quality resulting from chemicals in furniture. All the timber we use is entirely natural with natural, chemical-free finishes. The air quality will support healthy living, as no chemicals can trap or add pollution indoors.
  • Allergies. Carpets can harness dander and dust, which may cause a spike in allergies or asthma. Our timber floors regulate moisture and cannot become a breeding ground for bacteria thanks to its self-cleaning capacity. It also filters the air, and the continuous flow of air ensures a healthy surface.
  • The floors are easy to maintain. The natural timber pores allow your floor to breathe and filter air, and you need to take good care of it to keep your bathroom flooring in Sydney in the best condition. Our all-natural Mafi Oil Soap, a bucket of warm water and a mop are all you need to clean your floors. The natural oil finish of the floors is also excellent at letting through heat when you wish to have a toasty bathroom in winter, so consider our select underfloor heating options.

About Mafi

There is no reason why you can’t redo all your floors with natural timber, as it is ideal for any room, even bathroom floors in Sydney. This means you can create a uniform look throughout your home while creating a green building that is best for your health and that of the planet.

Contact us if you want to know more about our different sustainable timber and furniture offerings.