Timber Floors Sunshine Coast

All natural timber flooring

Complete Your Interiors with Timber Flooring in the Sunshine Coast

Thanks to their durability and stylish appearance, timber floors in the Sunshine Coast have quickly become a popular choice for residential, commercial, and hospitality settings. With our expansive and high-quality flooring options, let Mafi assist you in choosing the ideal floor for your area.

All natural timber flooring

Benefits of Installing Wooden Floors in the Sunshine Coast

Besides adding warmth and character to your space, wooden flooring resists everyday wear-and-tear, proving a viable option for various areas.

  • A common fear amongst designers and homeowners is of their flooring losing its appeal and feeling dated a few years down the line. Luckily, wooden flooring does not fall into this category and provides timeless elegance throughout its lifespan. Thanks to our extensive range of designs, you are sure to find the perfect grain or colour pattern that blends into your existing aesthetics.
  • Wooden floors are relatively simple to maintain compared to carpets that run the risk of ruin from a variety of factors. Spills can easily be wiped away, and an easy refinish will remove any scuffs. Our range of soap, oil, and other products enables you to keep your floors well-maintained, leading to a longer life expectancy. This extended period ensures your flooring will not fade, or wear down – even in high traffic areas. Our products’ durability means our flooring is a cost-effective option that does not require replacement in the foreseeable future.
  • Based on the aforementioned advantages, buyers will generally pay more money for a property with wooden flooring, over a building with carpets or vinyl. Many homeowners replace old carpets with newer flooring, leading to an additional expense, which may make properties harder to sell. Regardless of whether you have plans to sell, making restrictive interior decisions could be costly, should your plans change in the future.
Natural Timber Flooring

What You Can Expect from Mafi Regarding Bathroom Timber Floors in the Sunshine Coast

The natural composition repels bacteria throughout your space.

  • Processed or synthetic flooring traps water which compromises the integrity of your floor. Common waterproofing methods don’t allow for natural absorption, and while the wood receives protection from moisture, the water often remains until cleaned.
  • Keeping the wood as close to its natural state as possible allows your Mafi floor to regulate the moisture content as it would in the outdoors. By allowing the timber to breathe and process moisture, it expels any excess water back into the surrounding air.
  • The antibacterial properties of our wood ensure hygiene throughout your home and prevent mould and mildew from building up in your bathroom.

Why Trust Mafi Regarding Our Sunshine Coast Timber Floors

Sourcing our timber from managed forests keeps within our environmentally-friendly practice of building a sustainable future, while reducing our carbon footprint. Many floor varnishes emit toxic chemicals into our air and water supply; our natural oil finishes save 5 0000 tons of varnish from entering our eco-system each year. Let us transform your space, without compromising the environment. Contact us for more information.