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We Supply High-Quality Timber Floors in Melbourne

Homeowners wanting the exquisite finish of natural timber floors in Melbourne don’t have to endure the feeling of guilt about choosing their home’s aesthetics over the environment. There’s a sustainable and ethical route to acquire various timber types to overhaul the flooring in your home. Mafi is the Australian arm of a global brand that produces natural, engineered timber floorboards. To highlight our commitment to the environment, we only select timber from sustainable forests around Europe.

Office Space with mafi Oak Sand Brushed White Oil floorboards

Benefits of European Oak Flooring in Melbourne

Recently, there’s been an increase in the popularity of European oak flooring. It’s a slow-growing, hard sustainable timber in Melbourne that has a storied history. This type of wood featured in ship building, fine furniture production, barrel coopering and flooring. It’s become the preferred flooring material because of the numerous benefits it offers.

  • European oak has a unique grain pattern and variability. As a result of its slower growth cycle, the grain is naturally tighter. When cutting this type of oak, you immediately find a plain saw pattern with the crown grain pattern and rift in one piece of wood, which is what makes European oak desirable.
  • Timber boards that originate from European oak are more robust and durable. For this reason, it’s suitable for high-traffic areas within a building. Oak flooring can last generations, and with engineered timber, there is a hardwood layer that protects the rest of the material from external factors.
  • Besides being durable and hard-wearing, European oak is immaculate in appearance. As a result of its unique natural grain, no two pieces of timber are the same. Whatever knots and flaws you see in the wood contributes to the beauty of your flooring. Additionally, when you select this oak, you protect the environment since it is a sustainable material.

What to Expect from Mafi Regarding Bathroom Flooring in Melbourne

While we have a proud history, we are currently the leaders and trendsetters in the industry. Our commitment to quality, along with our continuous innovation, has made our products globally sought after.

  • The structure and finish of our timber can process moisture and won’t warp or buckle in a wet environment. Consequently, you don’t have to think twice about installing this type of flooring in your bathroom.
  • When you collaborate with us for your home flooring, you can take comfort because you don’t require extensive maintenance procedures to increase its longevity. Simply apply the Mafi Oil Soap with warm water and a mop. The mixture restores the surface and strengthens it to increase its durability. It never requires sanding or other methods of maintenance.
  • We supply a wide range of timber species that complies with environmental standards. Our team handpicks every plank of wood with clear, country and character surface options. Additionally, we offer each plank in various lengths and widths to suit your requirements.

About Mafi

With a history that dates back to the First World War, our operation has deep roots in the industry. The family business began on the outskirts of Salzburg, Austria and has transformed the flooring offerings for Australians for the past nine years.

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