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Choose Sustainable Timber Floors in Australia

At Mafi, we believe in providing a sustainable future for our planet, which is why we are eco-minded when we produce our quality timber floors in Australia. We believe in using the entire tree, any offcuts or sawdust is recycled into pellets and used to power the Mafi factory, leaving no wastage. When you use Mafi timber, you are making a conscious decision to be eco-friendly. Mafi believes in manufacturing the best flooring in the world that is made to last a lifetime.

Office with mafi Oak Sand Brushed White Oil

What You Should Know About Mafi Timber Floors

At Mafi, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors with the quality and structure of each board we produce. Each plank is handcrafted to ensure its structural integrity and durability. Here’s what you need to know about Mafi timber floors.

  • Uses. You can use our wooden floors throughout your home. While many people do not believe in using wooden flooring in their bathroom, Mafi bathroom floors have become quite popular for newly renovated homes.
  • Health benefits. While families spend most of their time indoors, many do not realise that the air quality they’re breathing is more polluted than the air outside. This contaminated air can cause a lack of concentration and breathing problems. Using wooden flooring can have restorative properties as it brings nature indoors, which can purify the air.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance. While most wooden floors require sanding, sealing and polishing at least periodically, Mafi timber floors only need the use of Mafi soap, a bucket of warm water and a mop to keep it looking as good as new. The soap is made of from all-natural products and is designed to not block the pores in the wood.

We are certified by the Environmental Product Declaration, which means that they have analysed our entire production line and our products.

What You Can Expect from Mafi Regarding Timber Floors

We strongly believe in promoting nature and healthy living, which is why all our products are 100 percent natural and chemical-free.

  • Quality. All our products are of the highest quality. Mafi timber floors are scratch and stiletto proof. We don’t use any chemicals when producing the floorboards, ensuring you are not exposed to harmful toxins.
  • Sustainability. We offer our customers a wide range of naturally beautiful woods which we gain from different timber cuts from the one tree.
  • Unlimited possibilities. You can install Mafi floors throughout your home, from kitchens to bathrooms and bedrooms, we also supply Mafi decking. For decking, we provide Kebony, which is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood, with a 30-year warranty.

About Mafi

Over the years, we have gained vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the timber floor industry, and we have now become the leading trendsetter in the natural wood industry. Contact us if you want to know more about our different sustainable timber and furniture offerings.