Perth Timber Floors

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Here’s What You Should Know About Perth Timber Floors

Mafi offer a range of products to help make your house feel like a home. We provide timber floors throughout Perth, helping to make your home look and feel great.

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Benefits of Using Timber Floors in Perth

The use of suitable timber flooring boasts a wide variety of benefits.

  • The air inside a building can be as much as five times more polluted than outside. We have been following studies and recognised the health concerns of some products used in households. The findings urged us to provide products that not only look great but are healthy for your family.
  • Indoor pollution could cause symptoms such as dizziness, allergies, asthma, and sleep disturbances. Timber indoors replicates what wood does in nature by purifying the air and creating a beautiful and healthy living space. Timber is the best choice as it has no grout lines to trap allergens.
  • Timber is a natural resource and can be procured in an ecologically friendly way. We only use products which are sustainably and ethically sourced, reducing our ecological footprint. Our entire production and maintenance plan reflects our ecological promise to our customers.

What Sets Mafi Apart Regarding Bathroom Flooring in Perth

We are committed to providing only premium quality products to our customers.

  • We have been in the industry for over 13 years and know which products will provide the best flooring solutions for our customers. We are highly customer focused and remain devoted to creating long term relationships.
  • All our flooring is long-lasting and robust. Keeping the wood clean is easy and won’t leave you with any warping or scratches. The finish is all-natural, and we don’t use any chemicals in the production process.
  • We offer 13 species of timber for your selection. Out of these, we handpick each plank to harness only the absolute best.

We have the industry experience to offer advice that will provide you with the best quality product and service.

Why Trust Mafi Regarding Perth Bathroom Flooring

We have a team of professionals waiting to help you improve your bathroom flooring. We commit ourselves to natural, non-toxic products as we want our customers to be healthy and happy in their living space, without the threat of allergens and toxins. We were the first in the industry to offer timber this way, and we continue to inspire and innovate. We love what we do, the products we produce and believe in our natural ideals wholeheartedly.

Our all-natural flooring solutions prevent the threat of allergens and pollutants entering the home. The health and safety of those closest to us remain the number one priority, and that’s why we believe our product is the best. We know quite a few trade secrets of using timber in bathrooms. We are fully engaged in the process and are there from start to finish to ensure you get the service you deserve.

Please feel free to contact us at any time; we look forward to hearing from you.