As a member of the Australian Timber Flooring Association since 2011, you can rely on Mafi to bring you a trusted, quality product and first-class service. Not only are Mafi products certified by ATFA, so is our installation process, guaranteeing you with a highly satisfactory service and superior end result.

The Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) was established as an institution to represent the interests of timber flooring contractors, manufacturers and suppliers nationwide. ATFA is a member based timber association, with the majority of members being timber flooring contractors, timber flooring manufacturers, as well as coating manufacturers, adhesive manufacturers and suppliers of these products. It acts to provide information and services to its members and the community.

ATFA services the broad interests of the timber flooring industry including specific interests of individual operators for the long term to ensure the longevity and success of the industry, the organisation and its members.

ATFA’s vision is to have ‘a timber flooring industry that is professional, flexible, transparent, all–inclusive and innovative in order to meet the expectations and demands of the greater community.’

Their mission is ‘to improve effectiveness, quality and competitiveness in the industry through a nationally industry driven organisation ensuring betterment for the industry, its members and respective clients.’ (ATFA, 2012)