What Options Do You Have for Hypoallergenic Flooring?

Many people don’t know that hypoallergenic flooring is an option that exists, but it does — and it can be an excellent option for the millions of Australians who struggle from common allergies and concerns such as asthma. Flooring options such as carpet can trap allergens such as dust and dander. In contrast, some wood flooring options release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other chemicals that may negatively impact air quality. What options out there are better for comfort and health at home? The answer lies in products from Mafi, an Austrian manufacturer of high-quality wooden solutions that we are proud to offer to the Australian market. With unique properties that lend them many benefits, flooring solutions from Mafi are hypoallergenic and can contribute to a more comfortable home environment where you can breathe easy all the time. How does it work?

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What You Should Know About Asthma and Allergy Friendly Flooring from Mafi

Two key advantages to using hardwood floors are that they are easier to clean and do not hold on to small allergen particles like carpet fibres. However, the way Mafi crafts flooring provides some advantages beyond the basic:

  • The three-layer construction we use, combined with natural oils, allows for “breathable” wood. These properties may help regulate indoor humidity and keep the air inside your home cleaner, creating a more asthma and allergy-friendly flooring option.
  • We use no chemicals whatsoever in the making of our products. As a result, you never have to worry that they are giving off invisible VOC gases that could be harmful.
  • The natural oils we use to finish the flooring are made from wholesome raw materials, preventing the use of harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde.

What Sets Mafi Apart Regarding Hypoallergenic Flooring?

What else makes our products so unique beyond their hypoallergenic properties? A quick look reveals many unique attributes that make our flooring products an excellent buy:

  • We have more than a dozen different timber species to choose from, creating the perfect spread of options. We make it easier to find the allergy-friendly flooring that suits the vision you have in mind.
  • Our boards are easier to maintain, more resistant to damage, and likelier to last longer with the appropriate (and low) level of maintenance.
  • Our flooring works well with underfloor heating solutions, so you can keep your feet comfortable during the colder months of the year.

About Mafi

Although more than a decade has passed since Mafi first arrived in Australia, time has not diminished our passion for these products or our love for helping homeowners find the perfect solution. We’re proud to carry on our Austrian founders’ heritage, who began working with wood from within their local forest in the early 20th century. Today, we carry on that legacy. With an extensive online catalogue and brick-and-mortar showrooms, we’ve made it easy to find the ideal flooring for those who require better air quality at home. Call us today for more information.