European Oak Flooring

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Enjoy Elegance at Home with European Oak Flooring

The timeless beauty of European oak flooring is hard to deny. With an extensive range of possible colours and stain options, not to mention the natural good looks of the European oak’s wood grain, it is an ideal option for creating an inviting space within any portion of your home. Where can you turn for a reliable resource to find this kind of wood within Australia, though? There’s good news — you won’t have to look far.

At Mafi, we’re proud to provide an Australian-based distribution option for an Austrian brand with a full century of history behind its products. Carefully sourced, painstakingly crafted to provide the most natural wood flooring possible, and available in many options, our products have an excellent reputation for a reason. Just take a look at some of the unique advantages Mafi flooring provides to homeowners.

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The Benefits of European Timber Flooring from Mafi

With a special process for creating our European timber flooring products, we’re able to pass along many advantages to our consumers. With a three-layer construction, our products provide benefits such as:

  • No harsh chemicals or volatile preservatives such as formaldehyde. Mafi products contain no VOCs, a primary contributor to poor indoor air quality in many homes.
  • Our products are fully suitable for bathrooms where wooden floors typically don’t fare well. Thanks to our three-layer construction’s breathable design, our boards don’t experience cupping and warping in bathrooms.
  • Finding a colour to match your home’s existing aesthetics, or a colour to design a space around, is easy. With 13 timber species and many more colour options, the choice is yours.
Natural Timber Flooring

What to Expect from Mafi Regarding European Wood Flooring

When you decide that Mafi products might be the right choice for your home or business installation, what should you anticipate from working with us? Here’s what to know:

  • We have a passion for explaining the advantages of our products. When you have questions or concerns during the buying process, you can trust in transparency and reliability from end to end.
  • We can provide highly customised solutions to fit different demands in residential and commercial spaces. If you have an idea, there is a good chance we have the capabilities to make it happen.
  • All our products come from sustainable, ethically sourced locations. Mafi has a long history of supporting environmental friendliness, and we continue to uphold those traditions today.

Why Mafi is a Cost-Effective Option for Oak Flooring

Consider the long-term value of wood flooring that has the durability to potentially last for the lifetime of the home. Combined with the special attributes of Mafi flooring, from its breathability to its usefulness even in areas such as bathrooms, and your investment today pays dividends for years to come. Better wood floors not only let you enjoy your space to the fullest, but they may add value to your property, too. To learn more about adding Mafi products to your home, please contact us today.