Mafi Cabin Concept Competition

Mafi wants the next generation of designers to engage in nature, beauty and craftsmanship while understanding Mafi and the benefits of the natural wood through the design of a concept cabin located anywhere in the world.


Mafi wants you to design a concept cabin located anywhere in the world that responds to and enriches the natural surrounding environment. The design should be self sufficient, sustainable and respond to its natural environment in a sensitive and innovative way, while incorporating the Mafi product in some key design decisions. For the purpose of exploring all possibilities there is an unlimited budget for this design project.

The Concept Cabin can have a maximum total floor area of 20m2. This physically smaller footprint will prevent disturbing the surrounding natural environment leaving minimal impact as well as increasing the need for innovative, efficient and functional design, which embodies Mafi’s philosophy.


The space can span over two levels through utilising a loft, or similar solution that meets the individual applicants desired outcome. The space can have a large outdoor living space (not included in the floor area).  This is open to interpretation by contestants, and Mafi encourages creative use of outdoor areas and thresholds as well as links between indoors and outdoors.


Mafi products…

The design should respond to the chosen natural environment as well as implement Mafi’s philosophy in all design decisions. The design should be self-sufficient and sustainable while expressing how Mafi maintains its product as nature intended in order to make the most of all of the natural benefits associated with wood. Designers are encouraged to work with nature, not against it.


To find out more about the competition including competition dates and prizes, register your interest by emailing, and we will contact you further details as they become available.