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everything you need to know about maintaining natural wood floors

Those who choose parquet want the best. This also includes the best care. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the mafi range for the perfect cleaning and care of oiled wood floors. We will show you how to clean and maintain your parquet floor with a simple routine so that you can enjoy the beauty of your wood floor for a lifetime.

You will also find useful tips on troubleshooting here: What to do if there are stains or scratches in the parquet? We have created easy-to-understand videos for you. You can expect a lot of valuable knowledge for owners, planners and cleaning staff, both for parquet professionals and newcomers!

The first useful tip is: Save this page and that way you can always find it again if necessary!

the subtle difference between oiled and lacquered parquet

More natural, warmer, easier to maintain: Oiled parquet has great advantages over varnish-sealed floors.

mafi natural wood floors are exclusively oiled, pollutant-free that is air-dried (oxidative). With this process, the applied oil penetrates deep into the wood without closing the pores. In contrast, there is varnished parquet, in which the wood is sealed by the varnish layer.

Parquet flooring with an air-dried oil surface offers decisive advantages: You have direct, pleasant and warm contact with the wooden surface instead of with a lacquer layer. Oiled parquet has a better influence on a positive indoor climate because it makes a valuable contribution to moisture exchange. Not least when it comes to maintenance, the oiled parquet is a step ahead of the lacquered one. Too much moisture for example when wiping can be a problem for varnished parquet. If moisture gets under the seal, this can lead to ugly stains or warped planks.

The oiled mafi natural wood floors, on the other hand, are easier to care for and have a longer service life because they are made more and more resistant by cleaning with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. Dirt and stains can be easily washed out of this open-pore surface. Another plus: with oiled parquet, repairs can be carried out directly and easily on the affected area without having to treat the entire surface.

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that’s why cleaning and care products from mafi

mafi, as a manufacturer of high-quality parquet, also has the highest maintenance competence for wooden floors. With our wooden floor soaps, care products and accessories, we offer the full care program for oxidatively oiled wooden floors of all types, whether oak, spruce or ash. You can get all the products and components mentioned here in our web shop – with the exception of such household products as baking powder. Of course, mafi care products are not only recommended for mafi natural wood floors, but specifically for the care of parquet from all manufacturers. It is important that we always mean oiled wood floors.

How do you properly care for parquet?

The cleaning and maintenance of oiled wooden floors is easy: vacuum every week, wipe every four weeks with mafi wooden floor soap and warm water. In addition to the right mafi wood floor soap, you also need two buckets and a cotton mop. By damp wiping with the fatty soap, your parquet floor is maintained and made resistant at the same time.

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anti grey deep cleaner

The mafi Anti Grey Deep Cleaner serves for the removal of different stains such as pet urine, oxidisation traces, edges from flowerpots and similar, dark areas, and as additional aid for removal of old red wine stains and joint compound remains.

The affected area is first moistened with water. Then the Anti Grey Deep Cleaner is applied with a small paint brush, allowed to soak for a short time and then washed off with water in combination with mafi Wood Floor Soap. The process can be repeated several times.

ATTENTION: The Anti Grey Deep Cleaner bleaches the wood – therefore the soaking time should not be too long and all traces must be removed afterwards. The result is only visible once completely dry. A decision on a re-application should only be made on the basis of the visible wood colour thereafter.

wood floor oil

mafi wooden floor oil is for light re-oiling after installation. This gives the customer a perfect surface and also helps build resilience. The oil is ideally applied using a white pad and a single disc polishing machine. The floor must be re-polished afterwards with a sheep’s wool pad. The oil is flammable – therefore all cloths/pads must be immersed in water after use and disposed of correctly outdoors.

wood floor soap

The mafi care products are cleaning and above all care in one! The mafi Wood floor soap has a very high fat content and therefore acts as a light oiling on the floor. The soap keeps the wood fibres smooth and flexible.

Dirt is bounded by the fat and can therefore be removed very easy. Regular maintenance with mafi Wood floor soap is vital for keeping the natural benefits of your mafi natural wood floor.

balsam oil floor care

mafi care balm oil is emulsified oil in water and is ideally applied with a sheep’s wool mop. Using a sheep’s wool pad the floor can then be polished to produce a beautiful shine.

The floor is completely dry after about four hours. In addition to the glossy effect, the care oil balm is also used to revitalise floors.

wood floor care set

The Care Set combines the Wooden Floor Soap with regular care and the Care Oil Balsam, to revitalise and polish the mafi Natural Wooden Floor. Also included are a dosage pump for the soap container and a spray bottle for the Care Oil Balsam. The sheeps wool hand pad is used for polishing. The mafi care slippers are made of sheeps wool and are a blessing for you and your floor.

spot stop grease stain remover

The mafi Spot Stop quickly and easily removes fat stains from mafi Natural Wood Floors. [Dangerous good]


1. Warm the fat stain briefly with a hairdryer – this re-liquifies the fat.
2. Spray the stain from about 20 cm away.
3. Allow to work for three minutes.
4. Then, wash the area with warm water and the relevant mafi wood floor soap (do not scrub!)
5. Once the area is dry, check to see if the stain has disappeared. Repeat the process if necessary.

mop „cotton“

Cotton mop with patented wring-out function.

mafi Set ultraspeed pro

Dimension Trolley total: 560 x 380 x 900 mm 
Length Stick: 1000 – 1800 mm

The complete wet flat wiper system Ultraspeed is a sucessful symbiosis between intensive cleaning and a powerful press. Perfectly siutable for big areas or commercial projects.

The set includes:

  • mafi Ultraspeed Pro Mop Holder (40 cm)
  • mafi Ultraspeed Pro Telescopic Stick (100 – 180 cm)
  • mafi Ultraspeed Pro Double-Bucket Trolley (1 x 10 l + 1 x 25 l) and press
  • mafi Ultraspeed Pro Mop (Cotton)

regular maintenance with soap and hot water

how do you wipe parquet?


First clean the parquet floor with a vacuum cleaner. Wiping parquet is almost as easy as vacuuming. We re

commend these six steps for parquet cleaning and maintenance:

1. Fill both buckets with warm water.
2. In the first bucket add the appropriate mafi wooden floor soap (125 ml soap to 5 l water). The two-bucket principle ensures that the clean soapy water does not mix with the dirty water.
3. Spread the soapy water mixture on the floor with the cotton mop.
4. After a short amount of time, absorb the excess water with the cotton mop and wash it out in the second bucket. The mafi wood floor soap removes the dirt from the pores and by removing it with the mop, the loosened dirt is removed from the floor.
5. Then wash the cotton mop in the second bucket with clear water.
6. Then steps 3 – 5 are repeated for the entire floor area.

Basically, mafi natural wood floors can be wiped while very damp. Only the mafi parquet stained with the Volcana system should only be wiped with a damp cloth.


How often to wipe parquet?

For normal use in a private household, we recommend cleaning the parquet approximately every four weeks with warm water and mafi wood floor soap. In between, it is enough to vacuum weekly.

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using a woollen mop to apply

for professionals: Parquet after laying oil

mafi floors are oiled once in production. After installation, mafi floors must be lightly re-oiled. This enables our customers to be given a perfect surface that is easy to care for and durable after the complex construction or renovation phase.

  1. On-site oiling: After installation, the floor must be lightly oiled and polished again by experts to ensure an optimal surface.
  2. Allow wood floor oil to harden: After 24 hours the floor can be walked on again gently.
  3. Oil penetration of the plank: No liquids should come into contact with the floor in the first 14 days.
  4. Maintenance: Over the span of three weeks the floor should be wiped once a week with warm water and once with mafi wood floor soap. Depending on the indoor climate, the time between wiping processes can be significantly reduced.
  5. Regular maintenance: In an average, private household, it is sufficient to wipe the floor once a month with warm water and mafi wood floor soap.

oiling after installation

parquet and indoor climate

When the ambient humidity is high, parquet absorbs moisture and increases its size. When the ambient humidity is low, for example when heating is used, the wood releases moisture and reduces its volume. This is not the only reason why it is important to pay attention to the right indoor climate.  

The indoor climate is a decisive factor for both your health and your parquet. The ideal conditions are reached at a temperature of 70 ° F and a relative air humidity of 40 – 60%. Regular ventilation, indoor plants and humidifiers have a positive effect on the indoor climate. Mafi parquet is often installed on underfloor heating because it has ideal properties for this. Even in such rooms you should ensure good conditions by proper ventilation and possibly humidifiers.

tips for care and maintenance of mafi wood floors