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Discover the Best Material for Bathroom Flooring in Australia

Homeowners generally strive to create an exquisite bathroom that fills them with a sense of pride. A critical factor in any bathroom is the flooring. With a range of options available, it’s difficult selecting the ideal bathroom flooring in Australia. However, a reputable company such as Mafi can provide you with socially beneficial and economically viable products.

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Benefits of a Wooden Bathroom Floor

The bathroom has slowly transformed into more than a functional space for personal hygiene. Over the years, it’s become an oasis – a place of relaxation. There is an exponential increase in the size of modern bathrooms when you compare it to traditional ones—consequently, deciding which flooring to adorn your bathroom with is critical.

  • Naturally, wood is a material that can absorb moisture and release it later. When it absorbs a high level of humidity, the volume of the wood increases, and after it releases the moisture, it begins to decrease. To combat this instability, we naturally oil and dry our wooden floors. The structure of the plank resembles a sandwich with the same wood and thickness for both the top and bottom layers. As a result, it reduces the swelling and shrinking motion of the wood.
  • The Mafi oil that we apply to the wood doesn’t adhere to the surface but rather penetrates deep into the wood. Consequently, the wood remains warm and pure, which is ideal for winter mornings. The texture of the surface massages the soles of your feet and adds to the aesthetics of the room.
  • The goal is to create a bathroom that is free of toxins. However, most building materials and furniture may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or formaldehyde that it releases into your space. Natural wood floors are toxin-free, and its open-pore surface allows for the regulation of moisture and other contaminants.
Natural Timber Flooring

What Sets Mafi Apart Regarding Bathroom Flooring in Australia

We’ve embraced the task of improving the aesthetics and health of a living space through our products. As such, the quality of our wood flooring for your bathroom is second to none. Since our wood originates from sustainable forests across Europe, we guarantee maximum quality.

  • We make our wooden flooring from renewable raw materials. When you install flooring from our wood, we don’t seal the floor which maintains the natural characteristics of the material. The natural oils allow the wood to absorb water and return it to the room.
  • Our flooring actively filters out odours and purifies the air. It’s also antibacterial, which is handy for households where occupants suffer from allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma.
  • We have a wide range of timber products that can transform any room in your house. It offers timeless beauty and luxury to the area, and you don’t have to worry about the effect on the environment as we source our wood ethically from Europe.

Why Trust Mafi Regarding Your Bathroom Floor

We have over 30 years of experience specifically with bathroom floors which has turned us into a preferred provider. We continue delivering high-quality wood products that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Contact us to find the ideal floor solution for you.