What Options Do You Have for Hypoallergenic Flooring?

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Many people don’t know that hypoallergenic flooring is an option that exists, but it does — and it can be an excellent option for the millions of Australians who struggle from common allergies and concerns such as asthma. Flooring options such as… Read More >

High-Quality, Sustainable Timber Floors in Sydney

Doorzien House by BIJL Architects_Mafi Oak Vulcano timber floorboards6

We provide sustainable, ethically-sourced timber floors in Sydney, and for us to do so, we have to meet specific criteria to maintain certification. We align ourselves with companies who share our passion for sustainability, and organic… Read More >

We Supply High-Quality Timber Floors in Melbourne

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Homeowners wanting the exquisite finish of natural timber floors in Melbourne don’t have to endure the feeling of guilt about choosing their home’s aesthetics over the environment. There’s a sustainable and ethical route to acquire various timber types… Read More >

Here’s What You Should Know About Perth Timber Floors

Mafi offer a range of products to help make your house feel like a home. We provide timber floors throughout Perth, helping to make your home look and… Read More >

Get Top Quality Wooden Floors in the Gold Coast

Our floors can determine whether your home has a warm or cold look to them. At Mafi, we offer quality wooden floors in the Gold Coast, making your home more inviting… Read More >

Complete Your Interiors with Timber Flooring in the Sunshine Coast

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Thanks to their durability and stylish appearance, timber floors in the Sunshine Coast have quickly become a popular choice for residential, commercial, and hospitality settings… Read More >

Adelaide Timber Floors That Provide Unique Style Beneath Your Feet

All natural timber flooring
mafi Oak Country Brushed Natural Oil timber floors

When you choose Mafi flooring, you choose high-quality, durable timber, with the finest combination of grain pattern and colours. Our expansive range of Adelaide timber floors are ideal for various… Read More >

Enjoy Elegance at Home with European Oak Flooring

Natural Timber Flooring

The timeless beauty of European oak flooring is hard to deny. With an extensive range of possible colours and stain options, not to mention the natural good looks of the European oak’s wood grain, it is an ideal option for creating an inviting… Read More >

Discover the Best Material for Bathroom Flooring in Australia

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Homeowners generally strive to create an exquisite bathroom that fills them with a sense of pride. A critical factor in any bathroom is the flooring. With a range of options available, it’s difficult selecting the ideal bathroom flooring… Read More >

Go Green with Organic Floors

Natural timber flooring

With the constant threat to the environment hovering over our lives, more people gravitate towards eco-conscious decisions in various aspects. If you’re in the process of renovating your home, you should… Read More >

Everything You Should Know About Sustainable Timber Flooring

Mafi provides the best quality all-natural timber products for your home. We understand that sustainable timber flooring offers a plethora of health and environmental… Read More >

Choose Sustainable Timber Floors in Australia

At Mafi, we believe in providing a sustainable future for our planet, which is why we are eco-minded when we produce our quality timber floors in Australia. We believe in using the entire tree, any offcuts or sawdust is recycled into pellets and… Read More >