Adelaide Timber Floors

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Adelaide Timber Floors That Provide Unique Style Beneath Your Feet

When you choose Mafi flooring, you choose high-quality, durable timber, with the finest combination of grain pattern and colours. Our expansive range of Adelaide timber floors are ideal for various applications, and require simple maintenance.

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What You Should Know About Timber Floors in Adelaide

Your choice of floor colour can have a subtle impact on your home decor, while demanding the attention. An important factor to consider is who will use the floor. A high traffic area may require a lighter shade that better hides scuff marks.

  • Light timber flooring is popular because of its bright, airy look. A lighter floor opens up a room to create a spacious vibe, and accentuates the natural light. This optical trick makes it ideal for areas of limited space. If you want a polished floor that allows your furniture pieces and decor to shine, our expansive range of light timbers is ideal.
  • Dark hardwood flooring allows you to enjoy long-lasting colour, thanks to the shades’ ability to absorb sunlight, rather than reflect it. Over time, darker flooring shows less sun damage and retains its sheen for longer. While all colours of timber flooring promote a higher market value for your property, our darker timbers are currently more popular and lend themselves to higher rewards during its current trend.
  • If you are unsure of what shade to choose, a medium timber lends a natural and classic feel to any room. Medium tones bring out the richness and warmth of the wood’s grain, for a timeless, traditional design.

To narrow down your options, gather the swatches of your favourite colours, and see how they look in your desired space. Compare them throughout the day, as natural and synthetic lighting impacts the colours.

Natural Timber Flooring

What Sets Mafi Apart Regarding European Oak Flooring in Adelaide

Our natural ingredients ensure that no allergy-causing chemicals enter your home with our products.

  • Manufactured from natural ingredients, our oil soap eliminates the need for in-depth maintenance and cleaning, while restoring the original surface. While strengthening and prolonging your flooring, our soap emits a pleasant aroma, can reduce allergies, and maintains the integrity of our eco-system.
  • Keeping in tune with our ethical values means we source our timber from managed forests, as a renewable resource. We are fully FSC certified, promoting environmentally responsible and socially beneficial forestry. We make use of 100% of the tree, and ensure no wastage throughout our production cycle. We turn sawdust and offcuts into pellets which equates to around 2 000 tons of recycling.
  • The three-layer construction of our timber boards contains an all-natural glue and no chemicals. They can be integrated with underfloor heating, and will not warp or cup from excessive heat or moisture.

About Mafi Floors in Adelaide

For almost 14 years, Mafi has inspired the best architects, interior designers, and homeowners with our wide range of timber flooring. Our ongoing research into the best materials and unsurpassed service ensures you are in good hands when installing new floors. For additional information on any of our products, contact us.